The Idaho English Language Arts/Literacy Content Standards are broken into four (4) strands: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language. In each strand there are overarching College and Career Readiness Standards for each grade level. These standards call for a change in instructional practice to ensure proper implementation of strong, consistent, cohesive work for the benefit of our Idaho Students. Additionally, there are delineated grade specific expectations for each College and Career Readiness Standard.

For example, Standard 9 in the writing strand reads “Draw evidence from literary or informational text to support analysis, reflection, and research.” Building on the great work already present in Idaho schools, the English Language Arts/Literacy Content Standards offer a challenge and opportunity unparalleled in recent history that will allow teachers to create deeper, more authentic learning experiences in their classrooms.

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The State Department of Education has put in place, in each region, teachers who work as full-time Idaho Coaching Network ELA/Literacy focused on supporting educators in improving instructional practices and developing deeper understanding of Idaho’s English Language Arts/Literacy Content Standards. The network is predicated on honoring teachers as professionals and leaders and the time it takes to drive lasting change. This year-long job embedded work results in the development of local teacher leaders who support local professional learning needs and better outcomes for students.

Purpose: This opportunity will improve student performance through ongoing professional development for teachers, instructional coaches, curriculum teams, administrators, and support staff. This network provides a cohesive, strategic, and sustainable method for implementing deep learning of the Idaho Content Standards for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy, cultivates local leadership, and facilitates implementation of both the Key Shifts and the research-based instructional strategies best aligned with the Standards.

What does this mean for Idaho’s Education System? Each region’s Idaho Coaching Network Coaches provide intensive professional development and responsive coaching in your area and operate from a place of expertise in the Idaho Content Standards for ELA/Literacy, extensive experience in classroom teaching, deep knowledge of research-based instructional strategies, and a thorough understanding of adult learning. Each regional Coach works to develop Teacher Leaders in your district who deeply understand and teach the Idaho Content Standards for ELA/Literacy, and who mentor and facilitate the learning of their peers in your region. This substantive, job-embedded professional development model is research-based and leverages local, regional, and state resources in efficient, effective, and compounded ways.


  • Provide strategic, systematic, and sustainable professional development of local educators and administrators in the Idaho Content Standards for ELA/Literacy and the EQuIP Rubric;
  • Build capacity of local educators to implement Idaho Content Standards for ELA/ Literacy through the development of aligned lessons, units, and assessments, as well as the inclusion of research-based instructional strategies;
  • Build consistency in the understanding of Idaho Content Standards for ELA/ Literacy & the implementation of such knowledge across Idaho’s regions, districts, schools, and classes;
  • Provide equitable learning opportunities for all students.


Teacher Leader Commitments for new Cohort 6 (C6)

  • Participate in a total of 15 full-day workshops and an online course throughout 2018-2019:
    • Participate in a 3-day workshop in Summer 2018;
    • Complete all assignments in an online course in order to transfer learning to lessons and units;
    • Develop and submit a unit for review and to share with others (August 2018 - January 2019) that integrates the Idaho Content Standards for ELA/Literacy. Teach the unit, reflect, revise, and collect a range of student work samples;
    • Participate in eight full-day workshops during the 2018-2019 school year, starting in September;
    • Participate in a 4-day professional development workshop during Summer 2019.
  • Review three units for other Teacher Leaders in the Idaho Coaching Network with the EQuIP Rubric.
  • Transfer active learning strategies to both classroom practice and unit planning.
  • Receive coaching support/classroom visits from your region’s coach;
  • Facilitate professional development through active learning in your school and/or district and take on or deepen a leadership role; keep and submit a Web of Impact;
  • Complete pre- and post-surveys on teacher self-efficacy and provide feedback on courses, workshops, and facilitation as a means of reflection.

Returning Teacher Leader Commitments

  • Attend two (2) days of professional development in the summer of 2018
    • Orientation Time for Returning Teachers
    • Orientation Time with New Teachers
  • Attend seven (7) days throughout the 2018-2019 school year;
  • Engage in networking opportunities with Teacher Leaders from other cohorts;
  • Deliver three (3) professional development offerings in your school or district;
    • Write post-PD reflections and new goals for each PD;
  • Learn and grow through participation in a collaborative book study;
  • Participate in work on an Idaho Literacy Standards-related inquiry project;
  • Submit a professional deliverable for educator consumption to share statewide on the Idaho Coaching Network Website;
  • Keep and submit a Web of Impact;
  • Provide feedback on workshops, Coaches, and the yearly Core-Aligned Teaching Self-Efficacy (CAT-SES) survey.


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The Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course (ICLC) is offered through University providers at a variety of venues throughout Idaho. The Idaho Comprehensive Literacy requirement can be fulfilled by completing and passing an in-person or online course, or by passing the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Exam. All options have incorporated the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Standards.

The University providers of the ICLC course and/or exam with registration and contact information are linked below:

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