Arts and Humanities curriculum covers the fields of media art, visual art, theatre, dance, music, world languages, and interdisciplinary humanities. Media art, which includes digital media, photography, and computer-generated artwork, is a recent addition to the arts disciplines. The arts should not be confined to study of only one artistic discipline, but rather as a means to help students achieve mastery in a well-rounded education. The arts provide vibrant content with significant 21st Century skills to promote progress in all academic areas of study.

The new Idaho Content Standards in arts and humanities, as well as national resources in the field, make unit/lesson planning easier. Each of the disciplines offers a short white paper that describes the purpose and method of study in each field. Music and the arts are included in the re-authorization of the Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESSA) now called Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA). Section 4104 specifically calls out well-rounded (formerly known as core academic subjects) educational experiences and allows state funded activities in areas such as the arts and humanities.

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